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Masuma auto parts in Ukraine: time-tested reliability

Ukrainian car owners, like drivers all over the world, are faced with the need to repair and replace parts of their cars. In the conditions of a difficult economic situation, the search for high-quality and affordable auto parts becomes especially relevant. This is where Masuma, a Japanese brand that has been supplying the world market with high-quality auto parts for over 20 years, comes to the rescue. In Ukraine, Masuma products are represented by a wide assortment, covering almost all brands and models of cars. What makes Masuma special?
  • Japanese quality: Masuma is synonymous with Japanese quality and reliability. The company uses advanced technologies and materials to create products that meet the highest standards.
  • Wide assortment. Masuma offers more than 30,000 items of auto parts, including parts for suspension, brake system, engine, transmission, electrical and body parts.
  • Affordable prices. Despite the high quality, prices for Masuma auto parts remain affordable for Ukrainian car owners. This makes Masuma an attractive alternative to original spare parts, which often cost much more.
  • Quality guarantee. Masuma is confident in the quality of its products and provides a guarantee for all auto parts. This gives car owners additional peace of mind and confidence in their choice.
  • Convenience of purchase. You can buy Masuma auto parts in Ukraine in the network of official dealers and online stores. This makes the purchase of spare parts as simple and convenient as possible.

Advantages of Masuma for Ukrainian car owners

In the conditions of Ukrainian roads, where the quality of the road surface often leaves much to be desired, it is especially important to use reliable and high-quality auto parts. Using Masuma auto parts gives Ukrainian car owners a number of advantages:
  • Increased security. Reliable brake pads, shock absorbers and other Masuma suspension parts ensure the safety of the driver and passengers on the road.
  • Increased service life of the car. Masuma quality spare parts last longer, which allows you to replace parts less often and save money.
  • Reduction of repair costs. Using reliable Masuma spare parts reduces the risk of breakdowns and, as a result, vehicle repair costs.
  • Comfortable ride. High-quality shock absorbers and other parts of the Masuma suspension ensure a smooth ride and comfort during driving.
Masuma is not just auto parts, it is an investment in the safety, reliability and durability of your car.

By choosing Masuma, you get:

  • Japanese quality at an affordable price
  • A wide range of spare parts for all car brands
  • Guarantee of quality and reliability
  • Convenience of purchase and availability

Masuma is the choice of car owners who value quality, reliability and safety.

Make a choice in favor of Masuma and see for yourself!

Masuma is a well-known Japanese brand, a trade network of the same name and an exclusive importer of auto parts for the countries of Eastern Europe.

Masuma’s main production base is located in southern China in Guangzhou, where the undercarriage parts are manufactured. The company’s factories are accredited according to the ISO-9001 quality system, equipped with Japanese equipment and staffed by qualified personnel.

We keep special statistics on all returned items. Everyone has faults, even Mercedes and Ferrari. Information flows into our company from all outlets. We analyze and analyze each case.

You will be surprised, but only 15% are actually manufacturing defects. This is rare, but if several identical cases accumulate, the cause of the malfunction is established. Then this reason is eliminated, or the manufacturing plant is changed.

The company produces parts in a total of 80 plants, the same parts can be made in 5 different plants, so the company can change the manufacturer that does not suit it. A certain percentage of failure exists in everything, and in original parts as well. Otherwise, cars would never break down. There would be no service centers for Mercedes and Ferrari. After all, the eternal engine has not been invented – all mechanisms break down sooner or later. But the reasons for the failure of spare parts are far from always manufacturing errors.

Let’s consider the possible reasons for the malfunction of parts in the car:

  • Incorrect part selection, hence incorrect installation.
  • Correct selection, but incorrect / unqualified installation. To correctly install parts on Japanese cars, a mechanic must have a specialized education from one of the Japanese universities. Unfortunately, there are almost no such specialists in our country. During a technical inspection, consumers take their mechanic’s word for it. Sometimes it can be a mistake – car mechanics can make mistakes too
  • Besides, it’s no secret that kickbacks are now everywhere. If a garage or mechanic gets a kickback from another brand, of course he will tell the person that the “MASUMA” part won’t fit and sell another one. In such cases, serviceable parts are often returned to us for warranty “repair”. The principle of our company in this case is that it is better to trust a dishonest person than not to trust an honest one. This is what earns the reputation of the company, trademark, store, and seller. We always accept such returns, check entire product groups, and then sell these parts ourselves without any complaints or complications.
  • Incorrect operation. Defects caused by improper transportation, loading, unloading – impacts, improper storage, etc. This category refers to a specific group of factory defect.

Very often, complaints about the quality of parts disappear at the stage of consideration of the problem.


The buyer returns the drive belt because it is slipping, and upon inspection, it is found to be all dirty with engine oil.

Return of brake pads: squeak, do not brake. In the workshop, when inspecting the brake mechanism, it turns out that the disc has a very high mileage. It just needs another groove, and pads have absolutely nothing to do with it.

In order not to compromise the reputation of a completely high-quality product, we will deal with every problem, collect and accumulate useful information and reviews with your help.

Obviously, not every buyer will bring a defective spare part to the store. The consumer will simply throw away the item and will not bother to return it. But let’s assume that every tenth will still return the spare part under warranty. You can safely multiply these cases by ten! Still, the failure rate is one-tenth of one percent!

Each car consists of approximately 25,000 parts. There are about 500 Japanese car models. And there are also approximately 22,000 modifications of various car brands. By simple multiplication, we get 550,000,000 possible spare car parts. The selection of parts can be very difficult in some cases. Each spare part has its original OEM number assigned to it at the manufacturing plant. There are parts that are absolutely identical, but have different OEM numbers. Such parts can be suitable for different machines. It would seem that according to the logic of things, such parts should be marked with one OEM number. Thanks to marketers, these inconveniences are completely overcome. After all, the buyer (in this case, a trade organization) is forced to buy and keep in stock not one spare part, but a whole line under different OEM numbers. It is profitable for manufacturers of spare parts. In addition, if the same spare part is suitable for both a jeep and a passenger car, the price will be higher for the jeep. The MASUMA company has carried out and is carrying out a huge amount of work to identify such moments, specialists find and systematize identical parts that have different OEMs. Believe me, this is very painstaking, long, but necessary work. First, it is necessary to optimize warehouse space, which is always in short supply. Secondly, so that the buyer does not run headlong in search of the desired part, if it is in the warehouse under a different number. A single electronic catalog for all products manufactured under the MASUMA brand has been created. There are no analogues of such catalogs in other trends! In essence, our catalog is an attempt to combine all original catalogs into one, general, manufacturer’s catalog. We have created our own universal electronic catalog for the selection of MASUMA spare parts and tools from scratch. The original Japanese program of TOYOTA, NISSAN, etc. was taken as a sample. You have the opportunity to pick up any MASUMA spare part with just one click. This is how the assortment and electronic catalog development department was created.