About the Masuma brand

The Japanese trade and production company MASUMA was founded in 2001 in the city of Tokyo. The idea was to combine and produce essential tools and spare parts under a single brand and make them an affordable alternative to expensive original parts. It is to produce, not just to pack in a box.

Today, the MASUMA company places orders for the production of parts under its own brand at 80 factories – manufacturers of spare parts. Now there are already 45 product groups and about 8,000 items. Up to 500 new positions and 2-3 new groups are introduced annually. This year, the list of products was replenished with brake discs and step units.

Territorially, the plants are located in the south of China. Now these are factories that produce original spare parts for various Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc. car concerns. The factories are accredited according to the ISO-9000 quality system, equipped with Japanese production equipment and headed by the best engineers. You can view photos and videos of production facilities and the production process on the company’s main website. Also, the MASUMA company has several own factories that produce only Japanese auto parts.

Despite the fact that MASUMA is a Japanese company, the main industrial capacities are concentrated in China. That is why the postal address of the sender of the goods will be indicated as Japanese. Barcodes also correspond to the country of the sender, not the manufacturer (Start with the number 49). Recently, consumers have become much more loyal to goods produced in China. Apple, Samsung, Bridgestone and thousands of other global brands have completely moved production to Asia. Therefore, we are gradually changing the labeling, which will allow us to reduce customs payments and, as a result, the sales price.

MASUMA is auto parts with an optimal combination of price and quality for consumers of the Ukrainian market in a moderate price segment. On the one hand, these are parts manufactured in the same factories as spare parts of well-known brands, using the same technology. On the other hand, they are 50-100% cheaper than the original ones.

The assortment of MASUMA spare parts covers as much as possible the Japanese fleet of models popular in Ukraine. The catalog of parts, tools and spare parts is constantly growing and expanding under the influence of general changes in the market and customer demand. 80% of spare parts needed by the Japanese fleet are presented at MASUMA. These are all the main types of spare parts that are most often worn out and need to be replaced. The rate of emergence of novelties is approximately 500 product items per year. These are 45 product groups, and 2-3 new groups are added annually based on our recommendations.

TM Masuma is:

  • A large range of spare parts, modern packaging, qualified technical support and quick feedback are the strengths of Masuma.
  • Long service life of parts. Masuma’s goal is to offer motorists spare parts that last at least 15% longer than their counterparts. For this, we use reliable engineering solutions, quality materials and modern processing technologies. Each part undergoes mandatory resource tests in thermal chambers, on vibration stands and other test facilities, where real operation and environmental impact are simulated.
  • Low percentage of defects. A possible defect is detected at three points of quality control: at the production stage, at the stage of inspection of finished batches and at the level of distributors. Masuma’s quality control system is ISO-9001 certified and provides one of the lowest defect rates in the industry: just 0.09%.
  • Advanced selection of spare parts. Masuma offers motorists convenient services for independent selection of spare parts. The right part can be found not only by the original OEM number, cross numbers of other manufacturers and vehicle data, but also by dimensions, having a sample in hand.
  • Simple and clear warranty. Masuma became the first auto parts manufacturer to offer a one-year warranty on parts without special requirements for the location and method of installation. There is no need to look for an authorized service and fill out a bunch of papers: you can install Masuma spare parts at any service station or yourself, keep the receipt and return the part to the store within a year if there is a problem with it.